Termite Season Starts Off With Swarms

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. them to swarm," Martin said. martin recommends regular pest control treatments, or an annual termite inspection to best protect your home this spring season. "If you don’t have an active.

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Termite Swarm Since termite swarmers are not good fliers, swarm flights are brief and often rely on prevailing winds to carry the insects on their way. Typically, swarmer termites do not fly very far before landing on the ground, shedding their wings, and attempting to start a new colony. If you suspect that you have a termite swarm in your home or on your.

Guide to the 2018 Termite Season in Louisiana When Does It Start? The 2018 Termite Season is here. In South Louisiana, especially New Orleans and the baton rouge area, this means we’ll begin seeing swarming from Late March through July. During this period, it will become increasingly common to see flying termites and swarms.

As the days continue to warm and spring rains soak into the soil, Midwesterners should be on the lookout for swarming termites. For eastern subterranean termites, the most common and most damaging.

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In recent years, termite season has arrived with a great deal of fanfare. There are multiple reports of swarms and infestations in schools and homes across the country. Termite season for most subterranean termite species traditionally starts in late February to early March and lasts through June.

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Termite Season Starts Off With Swarms Termite Season What Time Of Year Do Termites Appear Termites can remain hidden, doing their damage and work for years.. a small set of termites can fly, and only do so for a short period of time before losing their wings.. A termite swarm marks the beginning of the termite life cycle..

3 days ago. According to the LSU AgCenter, when the termites come out of their colonies, they search. A swarm indicates a nearby infestation of termites.

These termites swarm in order to disperse and start new colonies.. shed their wings, pair off with a mate and attempt to begin a new colony.

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