Termites Are Not So Bad – Far, Far Away From Your House

ENTFACT-605: Protecting your Home Against Termites | Download PDF. by Michael F. Potter, Extension Entomologist University of Kentucky College of Agriculture The Entomology Department often receives calls from people wanting to know how to protect their home from.

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Even when they move in groups, can they really be such an issue? After all, it’s not like we’re living in a cartoon where termites demolish buildings in seconds. Why are termites so bad? Termites Are Expensive. Sure, little bugs in your home are unseemly, but termites actually cause substantial property damage.

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That food source could be your house, and you want to know whether termites have moved in and begun feasting. The thought of having to replace your house is making you jumpy — quite frankly, you’re in such a nervous sweat, it looks like you’re beginning to display symptoms of hyperhidrosis. So how do you know if termites are eating your house?

Termites Pose Silent – But Very Real – Threat to Homes Across the U.S. Termites 101 A Guide to Common termite species. termites are known as "silent destroyers" because of their ability to chew through wood, flooring and even wallpaper undetected.. the following present the biggest threat to homeowners in the U.S.: Subterranean termites.

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There could be something very expensive lurking in the soil or wood of your rental property.. No, it’s not a gold watch, or your tenant’s "lost rent check". I’m talking about termites. These nasty little bugs will eat you out of house and home! With rental properties, its easy for termites to go unnoticed because tenants often don’t take the time to look for damage.

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Termites are Not So Bad – Far, Far Away from Your House Termites might seem like nothing but pure evil when you find them in your home since they are slowly and methodically chewing their way through your walls, floors, furniture, and anything else made of wood.

Wdi/Wdo Inspection Request section 2 – inspection findings – consumers should read this section carefully this report is made on the basis of what was visible and readily accessible at the time of inspection and does not constitute a guarantee of the absence of wood-destroying organisms (wdos) or damage or other evidence unless

Termites eat wood of almost all kinds, but specific species like certain types of wood better than others. If your house is surrounded by untreated foliage, this can be a way that termites are introduced to your walls and home in general. Going along with the moist concept from earlier, termites also prefer that the air is stagnant and moist.