The Failure Of Termite Shields In Home Protection

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BuildShield Termite is the only ASTM E283 tested solution for ICFs in termite prone areas. BuildShield Termite is a modern solution for an age old adversary. Build in protection, don’t just treat it. BuildShield Termite Barrier combines a patent-pending combination of a PVC extrusion track and an adhesive stainless steel barrier.

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Termite Protection, the EPS foam in BuildBlock ICFs is not a food source for termites but they may burrow into unprotected foam surfaces in search of food (wood).. There are a number of options when building with ICFs to protect your home from termites. Termite Shield .

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What Homebuilders Need to Know about Termites There are a lot of important details to take care of when you build a new home. To construct a building that will last, you must do certain things at the right time and in the right way. Termite control is one such detail. If you forget to do the termite pretreatment on a new

The Failure of Termite Shields in Home Protection One of the best investments in a home is the termite treatment performed at the time the foundation is placed. It is more difficult to treat a home after it is built than during the initial construction, although it is possible.

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With all the damage that termites are known for, it is amazing how silent many of the green / energy efficient programs are on them. Granted both LEED (points for use of non-toxic pest control) and NGBS (use a shield in conjunction with a low-toxicity spray) mention them, but finding detailed drawings, best practices.. yeah, it isn’t happening.