The Mystery Behind Your Walls: Could There Be Termites?

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"The Mystery Behind Your Walls: Could There Be Termites?" "Termite infestations can severely damage the structural stability of a home without anyone even knowing before it’s too late. Learn how to recognize the top five signs of an infestation as termite season kicks into gear."

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Mysterious sound in wall The Mystery Behind Your Walls: Could There Be Termites? FAIRFAX VA. (March 12, 2018) – Termites are one of the most destructive insect species to impact homeowners here in the U.S.

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If so, you may have termites in the house. Now, there are different signs that you can check for to confirm if you have termite or not. These signs are explained below: Unusual Sounds Coming From The Walls ; If you hear unusual sounds coming from behind your walls, it might be termites. Normally, as termites are eating and damaging the wood.

Termites move a fourth of a metric ton of dirt to build mounds that can reach 17 feet (5 meters) and higher. A single termite can be barely bigger than the moon of a fingernail, its semi-transparent exoskeleton as vulnerable to sunlight as to being crushed by a child in flip-flops. But in groups of a million or two,

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A List of Pests That Could be Making Noises in Your Wall. Bats, mice, rats, squirrels, and chipmunks are all common home invaders.. wasps, termites, and beetles are commonly found living in the relative seclusion of walls. Termites.. You may also check to see if we do pest removal in your.