Traveling this summer? Stay bed bug aware.

Bed Bugs and Summer Vacation Travel.. bed bugs are very active during the summer, which means that frequent travelers who live in Arizona should be aware of the potential for a bed bug infestation.

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How to Avoid Hotel Bed Bugs | Pest Control If you want to avoid bed bugs as you travel this summer, there are a few tips to include in your plans that can help. Let’s look at the top five tips to avoid bed bugs while on vacation. Be aware as you travel – While you are on your way to or from your destination, make sure to keep your eyes open. Look for bed bugs in the seams of seats.

My Personal Experience with Bed Bugs While Traveling. After years of travel to all different parts of the world, my luck with bed bugs ran out in Prague last summer. My husband and I sprung for a nicer hotel than normal because it was our anniversary, but as I mentioned earlier, the quality of the hotel does not affect its chances of having bed.

There are three currently 3rd party bed bug dog certification companies that are recognized by the National Pest Management Association as certifying agencies, not just NESDCA.

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Summer is the season for travel-which means you could pick up a bed bug while travelling and bring it home, or someone could bring the bugs to you when they come to visit. Here’s how to prevent bed bugs from colonizing your house.