What Are Cluster Flies?

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Cluster Flies (Pollenia Rudis), also known as Attic Flies, are those large, sluggish and noisy flies you find clustered in large numbers around your windows on warm sunny days in the winter and spring. The cluster fly is a parasite of earthworms, and in the spring and.

The treatment for cluster flies consists of an exterior treatment to the clients home or building This treatment is done in the 6 week window between the 3rd week of August and the end of September. The treatment is a spray that is applied to exterior siding, eves, roof lines and around the windows.

Cluster Fly control prevent cluster Flies. Prevention is the best measure to keep away Cluster Flies. Fall months are the times to use a good residual sprays before they enter the building and over-winter.

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All cluster fly treatment kits come complete with a step-by-step advice sheet to help you eradicate a cluster fly infestation. cluster flies: resemble the common house fly but are slightly smaller and much slower in flight. Re approx 6-10mm long and their thorax is dark grey to olive in colour.

Cluster flies are bothersome because they often enter attics and wall voids of structures to over winter, seeking shelter to avoid the cooling temperatures. When temperatures rise, they become active, either leaving the structure or entering the interior.

Termite Tips: How Does Your Garden Grow? Identifying Types Of Termites And Tips For Controlling Them Termites are at their most active state during spring and summer. During these seasons, you would do well to be on your best guard and protect your home from an infestation.

Cluster flies are thought to be native to Europe and may have found their way to North America in the ballast of ships containing soil and the cluster fly host, earthworms. Adult cluster flies (Fig. 1) are slightly larger than the common house fly, Musca domestica.

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A cluster fly is a black fly that is slightly larger than a regular fly. They are usually found in large numbers in the fall. They tend to hibernate in empty places around the house such as attics, basements and other unused spaces.

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