What are the most painful insect stings?

10Bug Bites You Should Be Able toIdentify 10 painful insect stings, as Measured by Science. Robbie Gonzalez. 5/21/12 1:33pm. Filed to:. After 150 different insect stings, this entomologist became a connoisseur of pain.

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There are insects who’s stings can cause temporary paralysis, massive swelling, and some cause pain that lasts up to 24 hours! In this post, I will list the top three most painful insect stings in the entire world.

Recently a Cornell grad student took it further, determining which place on his body was the most painful to get stung. Researcher Justin Schmidt created a pain index scale of insect stings.

It has the most painful insect bites in the world. It is the worst known pain to humans. As the name suggests, a single sting or bite is as agonizingly painful as a gunshot and this pain can last up to 24 hours!

The world’s most painful insect sting. Many insects can hurt us with their stings, but one scientist has made it his mission to become a connoisseur of them all. Share on Facebook.

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Smith found that the two most painful places to be stung are the nostril and the upper lip, followed by the penis shaft. The penis got more attention in press coverage, but Smith says "the.

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Jellyfish. Their tentacles contain venom, so getting stung can be painful or sometimes life-threatening. Stings usually happen by accident when you carelessly handle a jellyfish, or swim or wade.

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Schmidt’s pain scale of insect stings is organized into levels, ranging between 1 and 4, with 1 being the most bearable to 4+ being the most horrific. So, if an insect, like the club-horned wasp.