What do I do if my dog or cat has fleas?

Both fleas and lice are small, wingless, parasitic insects, capable of living on your pet (or on you). Fleas and lice cause great discomfort to their hosts-mainly in the form of itchy skin, irritated skin-but beyond these basic similarities, the two parasites do not have much in common.

My Dog Has Fleas: What to Do If Your Dog Brings Fleas Home. Cara J. Stevens. June 19, 2017. Biting back: How to safely de-flea your dog and home so that you can keep your kids flea-free.. How Can You Tell If Your Dog Has Fleas? "If your pet shows signs of restlessness, scratching, licking or.

All he wanted to do was go home – and all his family wanted to do was get rid of him. Putting one paw in front of the other, Toby the cat managed to walk 12. “I am desperately searching for one of.

Cat fleas (Ctenocephalides felis) and dog fleas (ctenocephalides canis) are almost similar in appearance and biology, and both can live on cats as well as dogs. These parasites are at their best in summer, which is the most favorable season for their growth.

Ever wondered "how do I stop my dog from digging holes?" Here are some reasons your dog might dig holes in your yard & how to stop them.

Last year, my roommate and I adopted a cat that we have grown to love very much. about your pet is part of the gig. Most of us do it. I still feel a pang of compunction when I run errands and leave.

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Cat Fleas on Humans. If cat fleas are removed from their animal host, or if that host proves an insufficient food source, cat fleas often will bite humans on the lower legs, leaving round, red spots.

Even if, for example, you have a dog with short hair, you should still groom your dog regularly. Making this a regular routine will keep their fur cleaner and will show if your pet has any fleas or ticks. Grooming your cat that has long hair will also prevent matting and improve their circulation.

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