What Does a Hornet Look Like?

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Hornets are wasps of the genus Vespa, closely related to (and resembling) yellowjackets.

Hornets Facts, Identification & Control Scientific Name. Vespa crabo. Appearance What Do They Look Like? Size: The adult European hornets are approximately 1-1.5 inches long. Queens are the largest member of the hornet colony.

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Animals that look like hornets. There are some animals that have changed their appearance to look like hornets. In these case, looking like a hornet is a defense for the animal, because it will be attacked less often. These animals include the Lunar Hornet Moth, the Hornet Moth, the hornet mimic hoverfly.

This article reprinted with permission of Glen E. Fryxell and Handgun Hunters International: Headlong into the Hornet’s Nest: Custom Ruger 25 Hornet Old Model Blackhawk

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The insects build these paper-like structures in areas that have plenty of shade and protection from the elements. A typical hornet nest consists of hexagonal combs, an outer covering, and a single entrance. Types of Hornet Hives. The only species of true hornet in the U.S. is the European hornet.

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