What is a Termite Letter?

Termite infestations are very difficult to spot unless there is obvious damage. Fortunately, VA loan rules are designed to protect the buyer and.

Is a Termite Letter Really Necessary?. A termite inspection is only done under and around the home’s main floor. inspectors do not attempt to examine areas not easily accessible including crawlspaces too small or low to enter or behind walls.

Metro Atlanta Termite Treatment & Pest Control Services. EFFECTIVE TERMITE TREATMENTS, CALL FOR A FREE IN-HOME INSPECTION AND QUOTE AT (770). Get your termite letter and home inspected by Forsyth Exterminating licensed pest control company serving Georgia for more than 30 years.

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A TERMITE CLEARANCE LETTER indicates that the property has been inspected by a certified, licensed professional pest control company and they found NO ACTIVE INFESTATION OF TERMITES. A TRANSFERRABLE TERMITE BOND indicates that the property has previously been treated for termites and is under warranty with the pest control company.

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