What is That Moth in Your Pantry?

The Indian meal moth is considered as one of the most common stored-food pest among kitchens and grocery stores. And because this moth traces its origins from a tropical country, it thrives well under warm and humid conditions-such as the one found in your pantry. This is why your pantry or larder is the most likely location for its nest.

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About Pantry Moths. Once you see one pantry moth flying around your kitchen it’s time to focus on getting rid of all the pantry moths you haven’t seen yet. Why? One flying adult pantry moth means the odds of a full pantry moth infestation are much higher. Typically moth larvae will already have been laid, and the pantry moth worms are ending their feeding stage and preparing to look for a.

You don’t want to spend all your free time keeping your kitchen spotless, especially when you’re entertaining guests. A butler’s pantry is the solution to the problem. Think of a butler’s pantry as a.

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How Can I Get Rid of Pantry Moths? Grain-loving pantry moths are a familiar problem for many homeowners. They appear seemingly out of nowhere in your kitchen, pantry, basement or garage. For easy pantry moth control, use our pantry moth trap to get rid of pantry pests and keep them away.

Indian meal moth eggs are milky white and so small they’re difficult to see. What It Wants. Adult Indian meal moths live for literally one thing: reproducing. They don’t even eat! Unfortunately, however, adult meal moths aren’t your only concern. Indian meal moths seek out stored food in order to lay their eggs on it.

The moth you’ll find in your pantry is mostly attracted to dry foods like cereals, crackers, rice and other stored food. The ‘clothes’ moth is attracted to clothes made of natural fibers like linen, wool, silk or fur. Apart from leaving holes in your clothes, these creatures can also leave.

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