What to Know About Cat Fleas

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After all, fleas are indiscriminate parasites, happy enough to feed off of dogs and cats, ferrets and rabbits, and, of course, humans, when the need arises. While a lot people have encountered these nasty little parasites, they know very little about them.

Fleas and ticks abound, but cat parents can protect their pets and homes, experts say. Although cats can get fleas at any time of year, flea season usually starts in May and goes through to winter,

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Dear Uncle Matty: I want to know a safe way to deal with fleas. Last year, they took over our dog, our cat, our house and us. We used flea bombs, but the residue makes my daughter ill. What can we do?.

The warm, furry coat and healthful blood supply of the cats are the dream house of fleas. You can protect your pet with some flea barrier. This is to prevent these tiny creatures from settling in to your cat’s body.

Fleas and ticks present tons of problems to indoor and outdoor cats and the households they inhabit. Here’s what every kitty’s human should know about these pests.

How to Get Rid of Fleas. Here are five things you need to know about fleas on your pet: flea collar flea collars are useless on your pet. These collars only kill fleas that are living around the neck of your dog or cat. Use topical or oral flea preventatives like Advantage or Comfortis instead of these useless collars.

How to know if your cat has fleas Diagnosing fleas is easy if live fleas are seen in the haircoat. Sometimes, fleas may not be seen, but "flea dirt" (a nicer term than flea poop, which is what.

Home Health & Nutrition Everything you need to know about Dog Fleas, Treatments and Removal. Everything you need to know about Dog Fleas, Treatments and Removal. that flea invested animal can be any stray dog or a stray cat, or it also can be some other dog or cat of your neighbour, or it can.

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