Which Pesky Animal is in Your Chimney?

Several animals can get into your chimney, including squirrels and bats. A particularly pesky intruder in the DC area is the raccoon . Raccoons, usually females, make their way into chimneys to birth and care for pups.

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Having animals in your chimney system can lead to many issues down the line. First and foremost, their nesting materials cause blockages, which then cause poor ventilation. When it comes to running a fireplace, good ventilation is a key component in ensuring everything functions as it should.

A professional chimney sweep is adequately trained in the use of proper equipment to determine the safety of your chimney from creosote and other harmful deposits. Even if you seldom use your chimney, it’s a good idea to have it checked for leaks or pesky animals that may be living in your chimney,

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If you suspect you have an animal, living or dead, in your chimney, call Santa’s friend chimney service. Let them check out the situation and give advice on the best way to remove the animal. Let them check out the situation and give advice on the best way to remove the animal.

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Our chimney sweeps will shore up your chimney against the elements and protect it from creosote, water vapors and other pollutants. We’ll also keep pesky animals out. It is very important that your chimney is clean and structurally sound for the health and well-being of all the members of your household.

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Animal In My Chimney. If you are hearing noises in your chimney it may be one of two situations: a wild animal (such as a raccoon) is using your chimney as a den site; or an animal (such as a squirrel or a bird) has fallen down the chimney and cannot get back up.

How to Remove Animals From a Chimney Liner. one of those pesky critters may just find their way down your chimney. If this happens, more than likely it will be in the warmer months when the chimney is not in use.. Once the animal is out of your chimney, be sure to install a good chimney.